Sustainability, Environment and Energy Efficiency

As a significant contributor to the agricultural sector, GrainCorp recognises that the adoption of sound environmental management practices and sustainable business operations are important.


Sustainability to GrainCorp means balancing three interconnected dimensions – environment and efficiency, people and society, and governance.

GrainCorp’s leadership ensures that we consider environment and energy impacts when making business decisions. GrainCorp also supports its employees taking part in small and large-scale sustainability initiatives both within the company and in the broader community


Regulatory Compliance

As part of a commitment to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable way, GrainCorp is a registered participant in, and complies with, the following:

  • The National Energy and Greenhouse Reporting Scheme including the requirement to publicly report greenhouse gas emissions under the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Act 2007
  • The international Sustainable Agriculture Initiative
  • Environment Protection Licences in regions where we operate.

GrainCorp has become aware that a calculation error has occurred in measuring the maximum emission rate of the fumigants, Methyl Bromide and Phosphine, during ventilation of silos at the Port Kembla Grain Terminal. This error means that the maximum emission rate limits contained in conditions L3.3 and L3.4 of EPL 3693 have been exceeded for Methyl Bromide and Phosphine.  Due to the calculation error, the pollution monitoring data on GrainCorp’s website for ventilation events over the period 23 February 2016 – 31 December 2017 is incorrect. 
Once the error became known, GrainCorp suspended ventilation operations and took steps to correct this error for all future calculations. The non-compliances have been notified to all relevant authorities including the NSW EPA. 

Independent modelling by air quality experts shows that to date, all exceedances were within relevant air quality and health screening guidelines for ground level concentrations at our boundary.  
GrainCorp is working with the EPA and is carrying out an internal investigation in relation to the incident. Once all relevant investigations are complete, corrected data for historical emissions will be provided on our website.

Environmental, PLANNING &
Monitoring Reports

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