About us

GrainCorp purchased BLM Feeds in 2014 and up until June 1st 2015 continued to operate as BLM Feeds.

BLM Feeds commenced business as Liquid Applications in the mid 1990's. The company was started by Brett Mascull and was initially involved in the sale and application of liquid fertiliser. By giving service and providing customers what they wanted the business prospered. Brett pioneered a number of innovative processes, which proved to be a success. One of these was the extraction of liquids from a lime manufacturing facility for spraying on farms. Such was the success of this that he purchased the company's first tanker/trailer unit.

As the business grew Brett became aware of the need for improvement in the bulk distribution of molasses to farmers. The company's tanker was modified and an association was formed with a molasses importer and the company entered the market. Farmers responded to the service and convenience and the business grew steadily.

In 2005 the fertiliser side of the business was sold to the Taverner family. This is operating as Liquid Applications (2005) Ltd or Agrifert. The feed business was renamed BLM Holdings Ltd.

BLM was a family owned business owned by Brett and Lorinda Mascull hence the acronym BLM.

The sale of the fertiliser business enabled the company to concentrate on developing the stock feed business with emphasis on dairy feeds. This resulted in the development of the dry feed business and expanding the molasses distribution network to cover the Waikato and the southern part of the North Island.

In late 2008 BLM was offered condensed distillers syrup (CDS), which is a by-product of ethanol manufacture from NSW Australia. Initially the company concentrated on providing a range of molasses/cds liquid blends. These blends allowed farmers a lower cost alternative to molasses with the added benefit of a readily available protein component in their liquid feed. CDS has latterly become a very important part of BLMs feed offerings with many customers now feeding the product straight or blended with molasses and dry feeds.

Another step forward was achieved in May 2010 when BLM was appointed NZ distributors for Zinpro Performances Minerals. Favoured by many veterinary practices and feed mill manufacturers the Zinpro distributorship has opened up new marketing opportunities for BLM.

In June 2011, a feed blending store was opened in Waharoa to meet the growing Waikato demand for BLMs blended products and a base for the liquid tankers, bulk tippers and auger truck.

In May 2012 BLM Holdings was sold to Gardner Smith NZ Ltd. The only changes being the name change to BLM Feeds with the same management structure continuing in place. With Gardner Smith on board the BLM brand was rolled out in the South Island, operating out of Bluff and Timaru.

On 1st June 2015, BLM Feeds was rebranded to GrainCorp Feeds. Today GrainCorp Feeds operates from its modern premises at 42B Tawn Place, Pukete, Hamilton and has depots in Waharoa and New Plymouth.