GrainCorp Feeds is excited to announce that as of January 2018 we will begin importing molasses as well as distributing liquid feeds to farmers nationwide

Our teams will now be able to offer you more choice and flexibility when it comes to your liquid feeding requirements by utilising our liquid storage facilities in Tauranga, New Plymouth, Timaru and Bluff to create a more efficient supply chain - direct from us, direct to you.

GrainCorp Feeds is a New Zealand based National feeds business with access to international supply chains providing access to high quality, innovative and cost effective dairy feeds. GrainCorp Feeds offers a comprehensive range of high quality liquid and dry dairy and calf feeds suitable for a variety of feeding systems and developed to improve on-farm production, reproduction, performance and profitability.

Our products include:

  • PRO COW SHED - The PRO COW SHED range has been developed to meet the ever changing needs of farming practices in the New Zealand dairy industry and are suitable for feeding and storing within In-Shed and manual feeding systems. The range of PRO COW SHED diets delivers high quality, value for money and well-balanced diets.
  • PRO COW DRY - The PRO COW DRY range delivers a cost effective, balanced palm kernel based animal feed. Having developed unique mixing techniques for blending liquid feeds and macro minerals with palm kernel, GrainCorp Feeds bring you a range of feed products which give the benefit of low cost, combined with enhanced digestibility.
  • CUSTOM BLENDS - GrainCorp Feeds has access to a wide range of exclusive, highly nutritional feeds, as well as competitively priced commodity feeds. These feed options can be blended at rates required to meet specific herd and budget requirements.
  • PRO START CALF - The PRO START range has been developed to supply a range of well-balanced nutritional calf feed supplements for the New Zealand farmer. Combining the best ingredients available into one product range of highly nutritional calf supplements. All products in the PRO START range contain essential minerals, vitamins and coccidiostats.
  • PRO COW LIQUID – GrainCorp Feeds offers supply and delivery of a range of liquid feed options.
  • ADDITIVES - GrainCorp Feeds offer a range of additive options which can be added at required rates to any of the GrainCorp Feeds dairy range to help ensure your animals remain healthy, maintain or improve body condition, and improve productivity.
  • PRO GOAT – We also have a wide range of goat feed options.