CropConnect protected

Trade with more buyers in an online platform that’s easy, convenient and secured.

CropConnect is a mobile-friendly website that gives you the power to instantly manage, sell and buy your warehoused grain.

And we’re now offering Secured payments, where the grower is guaranteed either full payment or their grain title returned.

Secured Payments

A Secured Payment occurs between eligible growers and approved buyers, entirely on the CropConnect marketplace, where CropConnect will facilitate payment to the grower, or the return of grain title in the event of non-payment.


As a grower you now have the ability to set the cash price you want to sell your warehoused grain for, this is called an "offer". All offers are immediately placed on the market and can be accepted by your preferred buyers.


Buyers can still list cash prices and the tonnes they want to purchase, these are referred to as "bids". Growers can view and compare bids based on price and payment terms and easily sell their grain in a few simple steps.

Preferred buyers

CropConnect gives growers the ability to build a list of preferred buyers, whose payment terms work for them. Preferred buyers will be the only buyers who can accept an offer a grower creates. This enables growers to control the selling of their grain to the buyers they know and trust. 


If there is an offer in the marketplace and a bid of equal or greater price for the same holding, then it will auto-match and transact at the bid price. Auto-matching will only occur between a grower and their preferred buyers. 

Auto-match Curfew

The Auto-match Curfew is a period in which no auto-matching or accepting of offers can occur. This is to protect growers from overnight market movements. During this curfew, the marketplace can still be accessed, offers and bids can still be placed and growers can continue to accept bids. 

Need help?

You’re not on your own. CropConnect has a full list of FAQs and the Grower Services Team is contactable if you require further assistance.