GrainCorp operates seven bulk export grain elevators in eastern Australia. 

The export elevators handle wheat, barley, canola, chickpeas, and sorghum in addition to other non-grain commodities. These are delivered by both rail and road, from GrainCorp and third party storages, as well as direct from on-farm storage.

Ports Bulletins and Announcements

Daily Shipping Stem and Port Capacity

Pursuant to the obligations of port terminal service providers under the Port Terminal Access (Bulk Wheat) Code of Conduct, GrainCorp publishes the following information.

Performance Indicators

  • Port Terminal KPIs - October 2020

    Port Terminal KPIs - October 2020



    Stock at Port

  • Weekly Stock at Port

    Weekly Stock at Port



    Port Services Agreements 

    Annexure A: Port Services Reference Prices

    Annexure B: Port Protocols

    Application for Services

    If a customer requests GrainCorp to load wheat on a vessel at a port terminal owned by GrainCorp, the customer must nominate a cargo for loading at a Port Terminal by submitting a Cargo Nomination Application (CNA) form.

    The Port Protocols outline procedures for nominating a cargo and accepting or declining a Cargo Nomination Application.

    All notices and applications pursuant to a CNA must be directed to GrainCorp in the manner described in the Protocols.


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